Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Canadian Literature Prof + Artist * Knitting = Inspiring works

This is really part two of another post - The Original Knot March 10th post- where faculty were paired and charged with creating, well, something. 
The March 10th post told of their progress and the inspiration it provided me. Last week they presented the end result of their collaboration.

Materfamilias provided the inspiration of knitting and her partner in creativity came up with a series of photographs based on knitting stitches. The images contain words and stitches, some superimposed, some small, some enlarged and manipulated until you can not see the individual components but the patterns are there. I think 10 images were created and shown on a very large screen. I noticed with interest the difference I saw in viewing them, first as he showed each one and explained it, then when he just ran the slideshow automatically from the first to the last image, each image blending and morphing into the next one. There was a flow and rhythm in the series that was quite beautiful.

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