Sunday, May 30, 2010

Twirling Spindles

I am trying to learn more about spindles and thought I would see how two different spindles handled twirling. These two spindles are close to the same weight but twirl very differently. The lower one was purchased in Husavik, Iceland last summer. It weighs 36 grams. The whorl is a little smaller than the top spindle, but the stick part of the spindle in short and, well, squat. When I twirl the Icelandic spindle it twirls to the count of four and then starts to untwist by twirling in the opposite direction. The top spindle, weighing in at 38 grmas, when given a spin, twirls to the count of ten before stopping and reversing. So for drop spindling, I much prefer the top one. However, If I were to use my thigh to roll the spindle to get the twist, the Icelandic one is preferable as there is more substance to roll against as I spin the spindle along the thigh.

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