Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spindle Love

I have fallen in love with my new Tabachek spindle. I had seen them advertised, and heard them talked about. Then, I saw them at the Olds Fibre week merchant mall. I admired them and then thought 'Do I really need one?' There was a variety to choose from, dark wood, light wood, Russian spindles, supported spindles, top whorl, bottom whorl, all marked with their weight in grams. I lifted one, then another. They all seemed feather light and I was ready to buy one. But then I imagined Priscilla-the-fleeceless-sheep-that-rules-the-guest-room-wool-stash saying something like 'Oh, yeah, right, Another unused item to take up much needed space.' and brushing that image aside,thought 'Would I ever use it?'  
I put the 26gram, rosewood top whorl spindle, back down and went back to class, and that's when I found out my yarn was 'lacking in integrity' (long story, see the blog on it). And I knew I had to have one of those marvellous spindles. It would slow me down and let me learn how to spin consistently, spin thin lace weight yarns, spin yarn WITH integrity and I bought one.
I saw a man that night at a fibre event and he was spinning on a spindle. We chatted and it turned out he was Ed Tabacheck, THE Ed Tabacheck who makes THE Tabechek spindles!
'I used to sell the spindles out of the back of my van' He told me. 'But I had all these women coming with me into the parking lot to the back of my van. It didn't do much for my reputation! So now I sell through stores.'
So I spun on my new spindle all the way home in the car, and I spun and I spun during the dragon boat races between races, and I spun for a week on Cortes Island between kayaking trips and I spun on the BC Ferries between islands, and I am taking it to Salt Spring Island for a Spindle-in. And I am spinning thin, consistent yarn WITH integrity!

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