Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's a small world - or, a funny blog story

All of a sudden my blog receives 55 hits on one post--Spin 'til you drop'. I was pleased but frankly it wasn't an outstanding post, so why the interest and where did it comes from?  
Blogger keeps some basic stats, like number of hits that day or week, what country they came from and where they were referred from, and it was this that linked back to a Ravelry group - Spin and Dye Swap. So why would they be so interested? So I checked out the Ravelry group and read that someone in England had read my blog and sent a personal message to someone else on Ravelry, someone who lives in BC, saying 'I saw this photo of a wine glass, a spinning wheel and orange socks and thought of you.' 
To which the other person replied ' and why shouldn't it? It IS ME!'.  
I wonder what it was that made the English reader think of the other woman? The orange socks or the wine glass?

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