Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Stormy Good Friday

We had one of the strongest wind storms this year. The waves in front were 3+ foot. Doesn't sound like much unless you are on them. And very few people were. Two sailboats close by needed rescuing. A crew of six were tossed into the seas but rescue was close by. The Protection Island foot passenger ferry cancelled it's run. The BC Ferries sent one or two ferries across but windows were broken, bow doors damaged and the rest of the runs were cancelled. Float planes were also cancelled and we were cut off from the world....or maybe It's more correct to say the world was cut off from us, since we had a boat and someone willing to pilot it across the harbour to pick up my parents who couldn't get here. My mother arrived looking like a drowned rat. Despite a canvas cover, the waves came over the bow, flew up the window and up and under the canvas top and landed on her. Her purse also gained a puddle of salt water.
But I stayed home and got a stack of fleece processed. I am trying to get enough supply on hand to keep me going at a spinning retreat on Quadra Island at the end of the month. Here's Gotland fleece in various stages.

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