Friday, March 23, 2012

Too busy to post

[PhotoCrazy 8 outrigger race]
Here we are almost a month since the last post. Life has been way too busy to take time to post. It's been go, go, go, for a few weeks straight and it has worn the body down to a head cold. Which is why I have time to post while at home recovering. 
[PhotoSt. Mary's Church
in Metchosin]
It started with a spin-in at a church by the ocean. A great environment for contemplative spinning, not that we contemplated, we just gabbed, but if one wanted to contemplate while spinning, then I recommend it. Try it. Take a spinning wheel to church.
Then there was two conferences, one workshop on making yarn baskets which I organized, operating a safety boat for a two day series of outrigger races, a spin-in which I organized, and the first bike trip of the year--short into the wind and driven sleet-like rain, amongst other events.  
[PhotoSome thing to do with coal
mining. Note the bike appearing
tiny next to this, thing]
Oh, and did I mention the renovations? It started harmlessly enough, buying a futon couch for the guest bedroom. That is the room also known as the stash room. The room which I suspect also houses Priscilla-the-fleece-less-sheep-that-rule-the-guest-bedroom-wool-stash. In any event, we had a guest due to arrive, so we ordered the couch, which arrived two hours after the guest left. Even with cleaning up the wool stash, the couch looked too crowded in the room. Something needed to be done. I won't get into the details, but it involved moving the bookcases (all three) out of the living room into the office; disassembling the office desk, shelves and counter; repainting the office, living room, dining room, kitchen; moving the loom from the main bedroom into the office; buying a wardrobe-in-disguise-which-will-really-hide-wool for the main bedroom; buying two upper kitchen cabinets for the office; and hauling great hoards of stuff (but not wool) out to the recycle shops. And we aren't finished yet. The office is starting to look great. The guest bedroom however is filled to the brim with paint paraphernalia, office papers, and a ton of office stuff piled 2-3 ft high on the new, unused couch! I am thinking the office is much nicer than the guest bedroom and, hey, why not put a door on the office and make it dual purpose: an office and a guest bedroom!