Saturday, January 10, 2015


[Photot of Harry Xul'si'malt Manson
I missed blogging for quite a few months and I feel the need to blog and record some major events that happened this past year. One of these life-changing events was Tribal Journey 2014 Qatuwas (coming together). But this blog post isn't about that but it is related and it is just as life changing to our Tribal Journey skipper. It's about our skipper Gary's grandfather Harry Xul'si'malt Manson who was recently inducted into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame, the first First Nation member to be inducted. This came over 100 years after dying a tragic death in 1912.
It is quite the story and the story spans over 100 years. It is a story of racism, a lost father, a recovering drug addict falling out of the sky, the finding of a grandfather, the restitution of his reputation and recognition on a national scale. The story has been covered by others: CBC news did a story which you can read here and The Current did a show that you can hear here, and you can watch the video documentary on the story here and watch the induction here and the actual induction with Gary and his family singing the Celebration song here.
Gary inherited his grandfather's name, so this event is especially important to him but also to all his family.

[Photo by Mark Kaarremaa] Gary Xul'si'malt Manson