Friday, March 19, 2010

The herring are spawning, the herring are spawning

I meant to post this last week. It was a beautiful day and the herring spawned along the beach in front. The water became milky blue. I think herring wait for the sunshine to spawn.  Today was just as beautiful and it reminded me to post this picture. The gulls are circling by the hundreds and sea lions satiated, full and fat are floating by holding one flipper in the air. With so much activity on the water, and a promise of sunshine we are going to go kayaking tomorrow. If I capture any good pix of the activity I will post them. Meanwhile, here is last week's picture.

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  1. Yes! I heard the barking from the water the night before last, always a sure shine. Imagine being able to bathe in your favourite food . . . As for the gulls, last night we speculated there might even have been thousands in between us and Gabriola -- impressive!