Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Variations on a theme

This is the kayaking that I didn't do on the weekend. I got all geared up to go but a phone call at the last minute had me taking someone to town in the motorboat. So Mark went out and took this picture.
Here is another picture of some samples I did with a skein of wool/alpaca/mohair. The colours are brighter than they appear here. All skeins are plied and have one or two singles from the same skein. Some have a single added from another dye scheme. So these samples are really variations on a theme (the keystone colour). Furthest to the right is a 'fractal' spun skein which spreads the colours so they rarely match up. The skein second from the left is Navajo Plied to keep the colours together. So if you compare skein 2 with skein 5, they are both from the same colour dye, yet appear very different. The others are variations on the theme.

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