Sunday, March 28, 2010

Three Fleeces and a Race

This is a busy weekend and I hab a cold which is quickly becoming worse. I volunteered to pilot a safety boat for the annual Nanaimo Outrigger Figure 8 race (a figure eight around Newcastle and Protection Islands) yesterday and the Shack Attack (Departure Bay to Shack island and back) today. In between I am madly trying to wash 4 fleeces that I acquired last week. Two I think are rams as they have that distinct odor, hence the need to wash as soon as I can. I think they are Suffolk x Corriedale. The two white ones seem fine but the two coloured ones have tons of VM in them. I think this is where I will learn where to draw the line on VM. DH said he will make me a picker which should tease the locks open and hopefully the VM will fall out. The top picture shows three fleece, one white, one black and a purring marmalade one.


  1. you spinners obviously have your own lingo -- I'm guessing VM is vegetable material? Could be worse, I guess (and I also guess some of the worse is in their two -- hope it all comes out in the wash!)

  2. Yes, the spinners lingo was greek to me too. I am still learning it. VM = Vegetation Matter. Maybe I should do a blog on this. And yes, there was some 'dags' in the fleece.