Monday, June 14, 2010

Franklyn and Delores

Thank you Materfamilias for introducing me (and now all of you) to Franklyn and Delores. Franklyn is a male knitter (apparently very keen on lace work) who has a marvelous blog which I have linked to on the right hand side of this blog page under the name The Panopticon. Read it and laugh! This guy has a wicked sense of humour. Take the last post in which he shows a picture of his muscular chest and arm showing some sort of rash which resembles a lace knitting chart. It seems he has been knitting too much lately. And Delores is a, well, she appears to be a sheep with bad ass attitude who has moved in with him.  
Photo by Franklin (or maybe by Delores), of Franklin, borrowed from Franklin's Blog The Panopticon
Eureka! I immediately recognized this phenomenon where a hobby can take on a life of its own, move in with you, and take over your life and your home. In Franklyn's case it was a sheep named Delores who moved in with him. In my case it was also a sheep, albeit one that had been, well, fleeced. I suspect she was looking for her fleece that was stored in my loft for, oh, well over 12 years. A naked sheep named Priscilla (and yes, she is aptly named, a little prissy, always expecting perfection and always disappointed with the lack of it) who came looking for her fleece. She found it and is taking her naked revenge by whispering into my ear, things like:
"A serious fibre artist has a serious stash. This is NOT a serious stash."
or muttering:
"More fleece. Frankly, this is not enough fleece. Not nearly enough"  
Priscilla has made herself at home in the guest bedroom surrounded by fleece. While Delores might wallow in my stash, not Priscilla. Priscilla has a clipboard in hand and a pencil tapping against her furrowed brow and estimating the number of fleeces stored in there ... and in the loft, and the laundry room, and how much space is still available. Heck, Priscella is running the house like a warehouse. You will hear more of Priscella in coming blogs. Franklin, if you are reading this, for gads sake, do not let Delores read this and give Priscilla any ideas. I think it best if they are kept isolated.

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