Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Knit in Public day & Men who knit

Knitting in Public (KIP) day is coming. There is one in Victoria, one in Duncan (Whippletree Junction), Nanaimo (Mad about Ewe), Errington Public Market, Courtney and, heck, just about everywhere. Find a KIP event near you. Dates vary but happen in the coming week. I hope to be at one but I will take my spinning public. 
Tis a strange thing to actually have a day that is a dedicated Knit in Public day. I mean since when did knitting have to be deemed needing a support group? Our knitting ancestors must be turning in their graves wondering where they went wrong that their descendants are cowering in their houses secretly knitting, needing the safety of a crowd to come outdoors.
Of course, if you are a man, which I am not, but if you were, and if you were so knitterly inclined, then, perhaps the need for knitting support, safety in numbers and on a sanctioned day, is understandable. Here's an article on truck drivers with an urge to knit, although I notice this photo from the article shows a trucker INSIDE his truck in private (Photo courtesy of Wall Street Journal article by Jennifer Levitz).

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  1. You need to google "Panopticon"and "Franklin" until you find the most hilarious blog of a man who knits and who has posted on people's reactions to a man knitting in public. Seriously funny stuff, really!