Friday, June 18, 2010

How to host a hot flash party - and why you would want to

Last night I held a Hot Flash party and invited women of a certain age from the neighborhood. Everyone was given instructions: come prepared to entertain the others: a poem, a song, an hot flash re-enactment; anything related to the theme.  
Food and refreshment included: soy beans; almonds; Bloody Mary drinks; red wine; chocolate covered ginger; smoked salmon, candied salmon, salmon salad.
Door prizes included:

  •  age-defying cosmetic samples (ask your cosmetic sales women for freebies, they all loved the idea and contributed free samples);
  • a male pharmacist immediately got right into the theme and suggested an ice pack and aspirin (for the husband's headaches); 
  • a USB memory stick (all hot flashing women need more memory); 
  • a key chain holder that beeps and flashes when it hears you whistle; 
  • chocolate (of course); 
  • a copper ring (to help prevent arthritis); 
  • sleep-eaze pills (a favorite); 
  • herbal pills (to prevent hot flashes); 
  • fans (small electric to hang around your neck or Chinese paper fans. 
Name tags were made from unneeded Kotex self adhesive pads. Bloody Mary's were served and after chit chat, we drew names for the entertainment. It was great! Jane read out her wonderful poem on aging (she called it doggerel but it was pure poetry), Vallie had memorized a long poem that was quite touching, Rioko, of Japanese, descent told us that there was no word in Japanese for hot flashes as only 7% of women in Japan experienced hot flashes compared to 55% of N.A. women, Leslie who teaches Gender Studies told us about her PhD student researching the use of period-be-gone pills that young women are now taking to by-pass periods, and on it went. We had a great time, learned new things and laughed and laughed.
Do's: eat soy, almonds, sunflower seeds
Don'ts: coffee, chocolate, aged cheese, red wine


  1. sounds like fun ! wish I could have been there.

  2. Hi Fran,
    it was great fun! I flew, float plane, over to Vancouver the next morning and while waiting on the dock for our bags a woman said something about aging and I told her about it and she hooted and hollered and slapped her thigh declaring she was going to hold one for her daughters.