Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dog Napping

Long story but here is the short version:
Best friend Trudy.  Has dog Tierra.  Tierra disappears. Seen playing with two little girls.  They had her on leash.  Ten days go by.  No Tierra.  Riding my bike to work.  Saw Tierra!  Saw woman thief! Thief denies it is Tierra. Threw down bike to grab Tierra.  Thief garbs Tierra.  I grab cell phone.  No glasses, no sight, tiny keyboard, shaking, no 911.  Thief disappears with Tierra.  I give chase with bike in one hand cell phone in other.  Thief disappears.  Passer by points to seedy apartment.  Husband of thief appears.  Muscles.  Tattoos. Not nice.  I change tactics.  Thank you for taking care of lost dog.  Reward.  Wife appears.  Wants reward.  I hand over $40, grab leash and take off.  Tierra reunited with Trudy.


  1. You're a hero, Liz! And a fast thinker as well!

  2. wow that's an amazing story. You are very brave (and quick thinking !!)