Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spindle Spin-In on Salt Spring

Spinning on a Turkish spindle.
Back in April, I attended The Quadra Island Weavers and Spinners Retreat (see earlier post) and it was while standing in the buffet line that I got really impressed with spindling. Standing in front of me was a young woman who was spinning a very fine colourful mohair yarn on her spindle. The yarn in itself was impressive, so fine, so beautiful, but it was her spindling technique that blew me away. She used her feet to keep her spindle spinning! 'This,' I swore to myself, 'is something worth aspiring to do'. Later, I saw a picture of her with her spindle stuffed into her back pocket like one would put a handkerchief. These images have stayed with me. They represent spindling as it should be, an everyday casual activity.
So when the Salt Spring Weavers and Spinners Guild invited spindlers to a Simply Spindling event-- rain or shine to be held, gulp, in public, I decided to go. It was held in the meadows in down town Ganges, in the pouring rain. We had been in the midst of a heat wave. It lasted for at least two weeks (it is still on) with one short exception, and this was the day. It poured! Thankfully Cheryl had brought two canopies to keep the rain off us. A few women came from Victoria, including Sarah of the fancy footwork! So I learned how to kick up a spindle. It was great fun despite the cold rain. Everyone brought a variety of spindles to show and we shared techniques and stories.
Thanks Salt Spring Weavers and Spinners, and especially Cheryl for keeping the rain off our spindles.

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  1. We've been saying we need to get over to Ganges one of these Saturdays -- too bad we didn't choose the Saturday where we could have watched you spin with your feet!