Monday, March 18, 2013

The SABLE zone

[Photo: funny fibre - for SABLE]
 I came across this term 'Sable' recently. I  had thought she, that-woman-who-encourages-me-to-increase-my-stash, was talking about sable, as in fur fibre. But no, she was, as per usual, as she terms it 'enabling' me, or in plain language, once again, convincing me that l needed to  buy more wool or fleece, or... sable.  Sable? Who spins sable? Although, this same 'enabler' once sold me some Canadian Blue fox fibre  which  now resides in my 'stash.  So I just assumed that I would soon be adding Sable fur to the stash. 
The 'enabler' peered at me over her glasses with raised eyebrows and saw that I had not understood her.   
'S.A.B.L.E' she paused knowingly.
'Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy'. 'Sable!' she declared. 
Her husband knows what SABLE is.  He lives with it.   He accepts it. For Christmas he even gave her some funny fibre to enhance her stash, to keep her in the sable zone. 
He gave her a fabric, drawstring bag with a blue yarn end dangling from it. She showed it to me and started pulling the yarn out of the bag. Every foot or so a blue $5 bill was attached to her yarn.   Maybe next year she will receive a red-toned funny fibre. Now that would put her into the super sable zone! 

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  1. Spin the blue fox, it is interesting! Have you tried 'possum'? Yak & quiviut? Buffalo? Angora & Chinchilla? So many exotics to play with!
    Taking the 'blue yarn' to Fibres West, will share the wealth and increase the stash, if possible! Bring on "S.A.B.L.E."!