Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tablet interuptus

I have had my head down, working frantically on my Master Spinner Level 4 home work. That, plus my laptop meltdown and new tablet replacement has brought my blogging to almost a halt. Tablets are not made for working. They are made for surfing, playing and reading. Tablets haven't yet matured with all the useful features I need, or at least I haven't found the apps that replace the tools I need.  
I need to download photos from my camera, sort them into folders, tag them and upload the important ones. I need to do the same with photos from the tablet but I haven't been able to fund an app to do it. Oh there are lots of photo apps, but not photo management. Not like organizing your photos with database-style capabilities. But I just found an app that might make it easier. We shall see.

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