Saturday, May 9, 2009

How fast we sink
I sank deeper into the fibre mania this week. It all started innocently with a day off in the middle of the week and an urge for a fleece.  A perfect opportunity to go visit Knotty by Nature a relatively new store in Victoria that specializes in spinning.  Run by two young eager spinners who seem to embody a new style of entreprenuerialism where not only is something being sold and a good service backing it up (classes, knitting needle exchange, play area for kids, a seating and reading area, breast-feeding friendly, helpful advice, community knitting eg hats for homeless, etc.) but they emit and promote values to support the local community.  Think 100 mile fibres.  I don't mean preachy, but very supportive.  And Ryan can spin coils, wraps and beehives that leaves you breathless, while she (oh dear, I forgot to ask her name...maybe AJ?) spins creative artistic creations that make most of us feel, weel, almost prudish in our, well, my, attempts to get a perfect medium thin commercial look-a-like yarn.
In any event, as soon as I walked into the store I asked if I could take my coat off and leave it and my pack by the couch, "I think, I may be here awhile."  I ooohed and awed and drooled all over the store checking everything and I mean everything out.  She offered me a basket but we both looked at it and the pile I was already carrying and realized it would be too small.  I created a pile (aka stash) on a table and kept adding to it.  Blue Faced Leister which everything i had read said it was a dream to spin, Marino top, bamboo, books, corridale roving I didn't realize a pound was so much).  In the midst of all this I had to borrow a quater to plug another 90 mins into the parking meter. 
But no fleece.  She had some local texel  fleece which would make wonderful light but warm Cowichan style yarn.  But I wanted something with more lustre for worsted yarn.  I want to be able to spin worster to really feel I have that technique down pat.  Then, I will move onto woolen long draw.
Within an hour, that thought was out the window when I walked into The Loom at Whippletree and saw some fine almost Merino fleec right at the entrance.  I asked for a bag to put some in.  "Oh, no.  You have to buy it all.  $25" Sold!  So here i am with 10 lbs to clean, dye and spin.
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