Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3Ply - not your average handspun

Last weekend I took a workshop with Diane Cross on 3Ply Yarns. I always thought 3ply was 3 ply. Put 3 strands of singles together and ply them in the opposite direction. Well, we did that in the first minute and then left plain ol 3ply behind while we learned there was a lot more to it. There is a lot of theory behind and beyond 3 ply. Thick and thin; high twist, low twist; Z twist, S twist, and then there are combinations of colour, texture, handspun and commercial. Encasement, core, slub, diamond, spiral, composite. By the end of the day we were designing yarns.  

And that inspired me to start blending more fibres for spinning. But first i had to make some basic batts in preparation for blending. today was a blue day.

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