Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mexico and the Rebozo Shawl

There have been a lack of blogs in the last few weeks but I have a good excuse - - The Yucatan. We just returned from a two week vacation. Highlights included:

  • New Years at Chitzen Itcha
  • Thousands of Pink Flamingos at Celestun
  • Millions of bats emerging at dusk from a cave near Calakumal
  • Visits to many of the Mayan ruins around the whole peninsula
  • Bohemian beach days south of Mahahual

And, a couple of interesting purchases in a market in Carillio Puerto, a little town not exactly on the tourist maps but known for being the centre of the Caste Wars and home of the 'talking cross' which spoke to (via a ventriloquist) and directed the population into inspired battle. South of Telum (which IS on every tourist map), Carillio Puerto is very much a Mayan town and the market reflects it. In a tiny hardware stall in the mall I admired an ikat woven shawl lying on the counter. The Mayan man laughed, said something to his wife who also laughed and put 'her' shawl away. But minuted later she lay a brand new one on the counter also beautifully woven, so I purchased it along with four hammock shuttles which I figure could be useful for tapestry weaving. The Rebozo shawl is used for covering the head and shoulders, especially when entering a church, but is also very popular as a sling to hold babies close to your body. The Rebozo shawl is apparently disappearing quickly with many weavers retiring, demand declining, and younger people not taking weaving up. Here's a video showing the process.

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  1. welcome back! hope you've memorized the feeling of sunshines . . .