Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quadra Island Spinner's and Weaver's Retreat

This was another first for me. My first Spinners AND Weaver's Retreat and my second foray into the world of the fibre sisterhood. Who knew that you could go away to a fantastic location which included: island; eagles; petroglyphs; a First Nation owned lodge with art everywhere; hot tubs; good food, workshops, a fashion show, talks, show and tell, wine and women, spinning and knitting away and having a great time. I mentioned my amazement to a friend who looked at me and said, 'well, of course we need it. It feeds our soul.' She was right. You come away inspired, you have learned something new, a nagging weaving/knitting/spinning problem has been solved, you have met new friends, connected with old ones, you come away with project ideas, you've laughed and you have revived. I guess that is what retreats are for. My friend paused and still peering at me over her glasses with a particularly sharp and loaded piercing look, as if she had seen a hollow empty, echoing soul desperately needing filling, continued on 'And it is about time that you joined in!'

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