Friday, January 21, 2011

Knitting from the heart, err, colon.

[Photo: untitled (heart lungs)
knitted human hair
courtesy, private collection, sydney
photographs: danny kildare]
You have to admire this knitting!  I mean, look at it.  First, the idea of knitting underwear is a little far out but a, well, an intestine, a colon, lungs even, now that is different! And after the shock of the idea comes the realization that these objects d'art  are knitted (stocking stitch if you are curious) with ...better sit down for this... human hair.  Artist Helen Pynor even confesses 'It's an act of madness'.
[Photo: Underneath 2007
knitted human hair, courtesy, private collection, paris
Photo: danny kildare]
Thinking about the women who wove their lives into the Afghanistan rugs (see the blog of Dec 26th) certainly connects you in a much more meaningful way to their work, but think about knitting the hair of many women into something. say a colon, is a whole new level of meaning between the shorn women and the knitter.  Read more about Helen Pynor at her website:


  1. Wow! How did you stumble across this, Liza? These pieces, beyond being curiosities, are all quite exquisite, aren't they!

  2. Makes you want to start collecting hair and knitting up a storm, I mean stomach, doesn't it?