Friday, February 11, 2011

All quiet on the western front

[Photo: Spinning in Hawai'i]
[Photo: The pink Royal Hawaiian Hotel
with hallways lined with orchids]
You may have noticed a lack of postings lately and there is a very good reason for this as you can see in the picture. We went to Hawai'i for a week where, I confess I did not do much. Very little spinning but what I did do, was done in a very picturesque setting on the lanai of the condo. I wonder if the hotter, sunnier it is, then the more the urge to fondle fibre diminishes? Or was it just plain laziness?
[Photo: A banyan tree where the pigeons roosted
 in nooks and crannies]
[Photo: Seen very close to the surfing hangout 'The Pipeline',
A cat colony with their chicken friends all going for a walk]
I saw a few things that struck me as unusual and interesting and managed to take a few pictures which I have included here.
Now I have to get serious again about my homework, but first, I am off for a weekend of learning how to spin Alpaca and Llama on Salt Spring Island.

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