Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A taste of Scotland

[Photo: Dunrobin Castle]
Food is high on my bucket list. Many of my quests are quests for food (or fibre, or, come to think of it, food with fibre). So far, on this trip I can add these foods to my life list:

  • blood pudding (ugg)
  • sticky toffee puddin (yummm)
  • fish and chips (okay, I have had this before but not in Scotland) (good)
  • fudge (yumm)
  • chicken stuffed with haggis (tasty)
  • whiskey (so far, Highlands is the smoothest)
  • cullen skink soup (Finnan haddie, potatoes and onion -- filling)
[Photo: Owl at Dunrobin garden]
The big non-food quest for this trip is fleece from North Ronaldsey Island in the Orkney's. These are sheep that survive by feeding on seaweed. Surely a seaweed diet must make for some interesting fibre!  
[Photo: Hedgehog at Black Isle]
First night was spent in a B&B far from the maddening crowd in the hills of the Black Isle, which isn't black, nor is it an island. Go figure.


  1. What heresy is this?! I was brought up on blood pudding, part of most Sunday breakfasts (my dad's a Yorkshire man) and always loved it, even as a kid. Recently re-discovered it in Paris & Bordeaux, enjoyed it a few times this past spring. Mind you, the Scots are the folks responsible for haggis, so perhaps they do different things with it than the French (who are responsible for, um, crème brulée)

    And thank you, thank you, thank you, for answering my plea for photos of your trip. Lovely.

  2. I admit, the blood pudding did not taste too bad. Okay, it actually was tasty. BUT it is the thought that gives me that slightly iron metallic taste to say nothing about the dark atmosphere it also brings. Give me creme brule any day.