Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spider Silk

[Photo by Victor Patel, Wikipedia]
I am always amazed that beings other than humans can spin and not only spin but their spinning is the envy of other beings, enough that those beings covet the spinning and use it. Take moths and silk. Bugs, yes bugs, make silk and we humans have learned how to unwind the moth's cocoon and use the silk threads. Or birds, like hummingbirds, who use spider silk to help hold together their nests of moss. It's right out of a fairy tale, nests made of spiders silk and moss! Or take us humans, we too can use the spider silk. Humans have used spider silk for gloves (a short-lived fashion in France), making fishing lines, lures (Solomon Islands), nets (Asia) and even bandages. and recently works of woven art. See my earlier blog about the Golden Orb spider and the incredible weaving made from it. Here's a video of it:


And check out this TedTalk below to find out more about spiders and spider silk:

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