Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Last Post

[Photo: Tree with wire rope
growing right through it]
Yesterday was the annual Christmas bird count. Our team consisted of Annie who is doing her PhD on sea birds, Russ, a biologist who has done a lot of bird research at all sorts on interesting places, mostly on islands, and me. I was their handicap to help even out such an expert team. We were in charge of the southern section of Newcastle Island. Three other teams who also knew their birds covered the centre, southern and northern sections. In all it took 36 man/woman hours, or around three hrs per team. How many birds? From memory and just from my team: 1 hairy woodpecker, tons of chickadees, 2 ravens, 3 eagles, a dozen golden crowned kinglets, 2 towhees, 4 sparrows, 16 robins, 6 Anna's hummingbirds, and a host of LBJs (Little Brown Jobs)...hmmm....doesn't seem enough for a 3hr hunt. Annie and Russ were able to identify most of these just by their calls.
[Photo: X tree]
[Photo: Tree with a handle]
[Photo: Miss 2012's last day]
Along the way we saw a few interesting trees which I photographed and thought I would share.

And tonight is the last night of 2012. We will be sending off the old year with written promises of what we are NOT going to take into the new year. These promises will be written on paper and stuffed down Miss 2012's top just before she is burned at the stake on the stroke of midnight. Say goodnight and goodbye to Miss 2012.


  1. Annie's doing a doctorate? I remember a little girl, asking an island naturalist if some plant or other was indigenous -- little girl was perhaps 8 at the time, so I'm not surprised she's become a scholar.
    Happy New Year to you and farewell to poor old Miss 2012!

  2. A different Annie. But the little girl you remember is planning on doing a Master's in the UK. She's into bones.
    Miss 2012 went up in smoke within seconds. She took with her may unwanted things that will not be going into 2013.
    All the best for the coming year.