Saturday, December 20, 2014

Norah's mittens

[Photo: Liz H-K] A brisk November morning
with 12 volunteer happy hot hands for a photoshoot
I have been assisting my friend Norah Curtis of Norah Curtis Designs, with getting her hand made sweaters and mittens finished and ready for two big sale events, one in Calgary and the OneofaKind (that's how they spell it, really) annual show in Toronto.  Norah has won numerous craft awards for her work over the years.  She has studied craft in Iceland, Japan and Canada that I know about but she's probably studied everywhere she goes and she goes to a lot of places.

Norah doesn't do anything half heart-ed and I mean anything  (cooking, gardening, biking, etc.)!  Take her sweaters, she doesn't just design the sweaters, she designs the very fabric, then makes the fabric (she makes knitted fabric which looks like woven), fulls the fabric, designs the sweater, designs the trim, sews it together, designs and makes the buttons! Then uses the fabric remains to make matching mittens. And then attends only juried craft shows and sells them and boy  do they sell!

[Photo: Liz H-K] A pile of sweaters ready for steaming.
 My job? Chief steamer.  That's like ironing but, err, more professional.

[edited to I forgot to post this on my blog (it did get on Facebook ) until after the craft shows. Norah sold every last mitten and most of her sweaters.]
[Photo: Liz H-K] And a pile of 
freshly steamed vests.


  1. Where can I buy sweaters and vest from Norah Curtis

  2. Hi, unfortunately Norah has now retired and isn't making mittens or jackets anymore.

  3. Norah was my art teacher in 1979. She was the best! I still have the sketch book she gave me.