Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Fabric of Technology or the Technology of Fabric

I am a self-confessed geek, so it is natural for me to cruise the Internet looking for fibre resources. It is amazing what is out there now. Blogs of note I have included in the sidebar to the right. And there are some great resources which I will also list on the side bar, but what I didn't expect was such a social networking phenomena to have burst forth. First YouTube, not only can you do a search for say 'warping a loom' but you can create an account and save your favorites in your playlists. I've created playlists for weaving, dying, spinning, etc. Then I can play all the files in each playlist, one after the other. So I put my netbook on the loom or next to the chair and spin or weave away.
But wait, there is more. You soon get to know some of the key video uploaders in your area of interest. Take Roxanne, for instance. She is off the wall and downright wacky, but she strips all pretention out of learning the 'fibre arts' (side note: she would probably call this, ' you know, this yarn stuff') and gets right down to the basics in a, well, a weird and wacky way.  It works, despite the burps, the mistakes, the unpolished production.  It works, and she is good at explaining things.  You gotta like the gal! Check out one of her videos on drum carding.  

You don't know what drum carding is?  It doesn't matter.  You will. 
YouTube has become a social networking site.  You can check out Roxanne's profile and discover all the videos she has uploaded and her other weird and wacky hobbies - computer games.  You can sign up to be her friend, and keep an eye on her uploadings.  

Then there is Ravellry.  It's for knitters and crocheters and althought they might only suspect it, for those with FOCD (Fibre Obsessive Compulsion Disorder).    If you are one of these, get your self an account and use it to track your stash!  No kidding, they even encourage you to take a snapshot of those fibres hidden in boxes all over the house and put them on virtual display!  You may want to use a pseudonym for this!  You can also list and show your projects, even projects in the idea stages.  Then there are groups you can join.  I joined the Vancouver Island Spinners,  Spinners Study, Love to Dye, etc.  You can check out other members, become instant friends and keep tabs on their stashes.  
Libotechnophobia - the fear of being anywhere without technology.

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