Saturday, April 25, 2009

The First Spin

I bought pre-dyed sliver roving. 20 years ago you were lucky to find quality fleece and then you had to clean the urine and manure out of it. Times have changed. My mother, sister-in-law and I arrange to have Jeannette open her home-based store HummingBird Fibre Arts. Walls of colour! Blues, greens, reds, yellows. Merino, silk, sea cell, (sea-cell?), tencel, bamboo and it went on. Fibres I had never heard of. Blends, I had never seen blended. And books. Lipobibliophobia. I bought both of Judith MacKenzie McCuin's. After filling my eyes with colour, I used my hands to feel the rovings. I selected a green-yellow-blue roving (or sliver) of 40% Romney, 40% Alpaca, and 20% Tussah Silk. Lipofibrephobia.  I also picked up some blue and white 70%Merino/30%Silk.  And what the heck, a beautiful Tercel electric blue thin thin yarn.  I have no idea why but I had to have it.  FCD (Fibre Compulsive Disorder). 

My first project was to re-learn how to spin, so I used the green-yellow-blue sliver and over the weekend taught myself how to use the drop spindle.  I then moved on to my old Lendrum spinning wheel.  The photo shows the results.  The wooley skein on the right is from the spindle.

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