Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reward time

My spinning has hit a new high! It's payback time. Reward time. In the last couple of weeks photos of my hand spun yarn, turned into objects have appeared. No longer are my spinning attempts orphans, sitting in the back room waiting for someone to bring them to life. They have. At least two objects of beauty have been created. First, on materfamilias's blog is a picture of her beautiful daughter wearing a cowl made from my hand-spun yarn! The yarn, the cowl, the daughter -- all gorgeous. I am lucky to have such a becoming young woman model the cowl.
On the right was the yarn before being knit. This was a special yarn, designed to reflect a poem to respond to P.K. Page's poem, but that's an old post over here.

I also received a photo by another friend whose daughter spun the yarn into booties for a friend's baby. They are sooo cute.

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  1. Can I tell you a secret, Liz? I'm really wishing I'd kept that cowl -- it's so fabulously soft, probably thanks to the alpaca. The yarn is really quite marvelous! But I don't think I stand a chance of getting it back -- she's pretty happy with it and I have to admit it looks pretty good on her neck. Thanks again!