Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Get past it.

Remember my indecision of what to ply with the yarn on the bobbin (back on this post). Well I finally figured it needed a blue to both meld with the blue in the multicoloured yarn and to make the pinks pop out. I could have gone with a pink to hold everything together but that would have been, well, just too pink. It needed the blue. It called out for it. Here's the finished yarn.  
I am happy with it and it reminds me of a yarn I had 30 years ago, which raises a few, ummm, thoughts. Do you think I am trying to gain back those 30 years? Am I stuck on that yarn? Am I stuck on pinks and blues? It seems to me that whenever I dye fibre, somehow it always turns out pink and blue. My DH (dear hubby) keeps telling me to get past those pinks and blues. He's been saying that for years. Well, what if I just like pinks and blues, can't I stick with them? What if all my experimenting was to get to just this colour? What if I have arrived pink and blue? Why do I have to get past it? I like it!

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