Friday, February 10, 2012

Knitting - Notes to self

What I learned and need to remember for my second and future knitting projects:

  • It takes 223 rows to start to understand what effect the knit, purls, increases, decreases, produce in a 10 row lace repeat pattern. Note to self: get recognizing the effects down to 10 rows.
  • If there is a border, do not, do not assume you have to do a YO. Note to self: Good, you are now recognizing what YO means. It is not part of K3 unless it says K3, YO!
  • Never leave home without stitch markers. Note to self: Use them!
  • Always use a life line for every start of the repeat pattern. Note to self: consider using one every second row.
  • Yes, you will notice the 5 rows of purls instead of 5 rows of knit, that I did in the first 3 inches and did not rip out and correct', Note to self: correct mistakes when they happen, even if you haven't even put in the first 10 row lifeline.
  • Read the whole pattern before beginning. Note to self: print the WHOLE pattern instructions, not just the chart and carry it with you, even to the bathroom. Read it. Again and again.
  • 2 ply yarn is just that, a yarn made from 2 singles plied together. Keep the plies together in the same stitch. Note to self: you are a spinner. You should know this.
And I haven't even finished my first project!

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